The Advantages Of Oriental Rug Restoration

If you need oriental rug restoration, you’re not alone! All rugs will get damaged over time, and even those that are taken care of properly will need restoration work eventually. Have you ever wondered why centuries-old rugs are still looking good these days? It's because owners of these rugs know how to get first-rate rug restoration work from professionals who care.
Our team has been sought by both homeowners and business owners for a long time, and that's because we deliver Long Island oriental rug cleaning. But since we first opened our door several years ago, we’ve also been delivering a wide range of rug restoration services, and we have what it takes to make your rug look like it was just purchased the other day. Whether you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing, we can be there for you. We have been helping individuals keep their rugs out of the trash for years, and this is important to us as we know one can get sentimentally attached to a rug.


Our Experts Deliver Oriental Rug Recoloring

If you need rug recoloring, reach out to our team. We can do this for you. This is a common rug restoration service, and we’re asked to deliver it often. Since oriental rugs are known for boasting wonderful colors and unique patterns, it's no surprise that recoloring is the service these owners need most frequently.
If your rug is beginning to fade, such can be an unfortunate event. But you don't have to except fading as the new normal. Just call us and we’ll do rug recoloring for you. We are always meticulous and detailed, and you'll never have to worry about your rugs when they're in our hands. We’ll only make them better—never worse.

You Can Benefit From Getting Rug Reweaving

We’ll be there for you when you need rug reweaving. If your oriental rug experiences high foot traffic, then you may need reweaving once or twice a year. Reweaving is needed when a rug begins to unravel. This service can also help those who are dealing with rugs that have been damaged by insects like moths. If your rug looks like it's on its last legs, then reweaving could be just what it needs to get some life back.

Why Professional Rug Binding Is Sought

Our rug binding services are sought by those you don't want to put their rugs out in the trash too soon. Binding is a simple process, one that involves binding tape or a special sewing machine. We’ll pursue the binding method that is best for your rug. When we are done with binding, your rug will be sturdy. This service does not cost a lot of money.

When It’s Time To Get Rug Fringing

If your rug’s fringe is starting to deteriorate, you should get in touch with our experts. We can provide a much-needed fringing service, and when we're done with this your rug will be secure. The rug’s fringe is its most important part, so when this starts to degrade, you'll want to get a hold of this situation immediately.